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Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I'm Loving Today...

Hiya :)

Well, it's V'Day over here already and my DH is out taking Mookie to his grandma's so we can spend the day painting our house - I tell ya, romance is NOT dead in our house - LMAO! :)

I thought I'd just share this music video that I just LOVE at the moment... Have I ever told you that I've always had a secret desire to direct music videos? Like, every time a hear an awesome tune, I can picture the film clip that should go with it - LOL! I also wanted to be a turn-tablist, but that's another story :P Anyways, this video clip would have to be THE most awesome, clever and fresh idea I've seen in sooo long! I didn't get it at first, cos I came in halfway through and I missed the beginning, but take a look... it'll give you a smile :) And it's fitting for Valentine's day... and the boys are nerdy cute (English lads which is always a plus), and the girls are hawt ;) The dude with the curly hair cracks me up whenever he gets hit with the ball. And I love how it's got the wrong words half-way through, you know how when you sing along the wrong words to a song?? And, and, and...Anyways... just take a look :P

And I think it's so cute cos Josh runs around singing "Mummy... Mummy" to it in his squeaky little voice... Well, that's actually what I thought it said before I watched the video - LMAO! :) (My version of Single Ladies is "If you like it then you shoulda put a finger on it haha so I shouldn't be surprised really)

Well, I guess being Friday over there I can give you a sneaky peek of my new kit coming out tomorrow :)

Make sure you keep a look out over the next couple of weeks, because I've got something really special in the works which will help out our fire victims. You won't want to miss it, believe me! :)

Okay, I'm going to go and do some... washing! Happy Valentine's Day to all! Think of me while I lovingly paint my house... ugh!

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