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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bring On Summer! Or not...

First up, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to remove my last post... Apparently I thought it was a good idea to post about it at the time, but I've been in a totally weird headspace the last few weeks (if you haven't noticed - LOL). I usually don't feel inclined to share such personal things about myself, but for some reason at the time it felt quite cathartic to get it out... But, it's my own personal nightmare that nobody really needs to know about. I'm sure if you've ever lost someone you love, you want to share how that feels with the world but at the same time keep it inside too. So, yup, I've gone with the latter just so I don't have that reminder here whenever I come to my own blog. Anyway, to everyone who commented, thank you - it meant a lot :)

So, what's been happening the last week?? On Tuesday my completely reliable and faithful Mac completely broke my heart and went and crashed on me... I was working away and all of a sudden the screen went to grey and told me that I must restart. So I restart, and all it would do was beep beep beep away at me with a blank screen. AAAACK!!! I think I've lost everything, but thankfully it was just some faulty RAM and all was good. Took me a while to get the type of memory I needed, but she now works like a charm again and is faster than before - woohoo! :) Still need to archive though... damn it!

Then on Tuesday night I had an asthma attack for the first time since I can remember and all of a sudden I was sick with the flu. Like, seriously, I went from being 100% fine to sick as a dog in the space of an hour. So, I spent most of the week sick and miserable and coughing like a seal pretty much 24/7. So it was kind of good timing that my computer had a meltdown when it did because it gave me an excuse to just have a few days off and try and get better. Here's to spending all day in bed!!

It's birthdays all round this time of year! Wednesday was my Sister's birthday, and I was meant to be having a milkshake party with my darling little niece Mali while Kell & Clayt went out for dinner... But Marty had to go up instead because I was sick and didn't want to make my poor little poppet ill so I stayed home instead. Hopefully we will have that milk party soon. Aunty Zoe might hit the hard stuff though, like Milo or Quik, maybe even add some malt or something, just to liven things up a bit ;)

Friday was my Step-Mum Leanne's birthday so on Saturday we all trooped over to my Dad's place for the family BBQ, which was great as always... I hardly get to catch up with that side of the family, but it's fun when we do. It's always nice to catch up with my stepbrother Nat and his wife Renee and their kids, even though catch ups are few and far between... So, Marty was designated driver seeing as it was my family thing. I had a couple of Rums which is always nice, but then I ran out so started drinking my Dad's home brewed ginger beer. Which is lovely going down. But not so nice coming back up at 2:30am. Thanks Dad! :)

This coming weekend will be Joshy's second birthday (OMG!!!!!). So, in preparation for the shindig we will have to celebrate, today we went out and bought... a new outdoor setting!!! Which I'm so excited about because the one we have is seriously falling apart. It is still standing, which is strange seeing as it is standing on just three legs - LOL! But time to say goodbye to the old and in with the new fancy schmancy one. It's made of beautiful timber, and has the bench seats which I wasn't too keen on at first because I wanted the nice chairs, but then we figured that we don't have the space for the table with all the chairs and went with the bench seats. Our outdoor area is just our verandah, so we're kind of limited by the beams that run up the house and have to fit everything in around that. Still nice though! Better than the old thing anyway - LOL!

AND we got a new mattress which I'm even MORE excited about! (Sad times when you are excited about a new mattress, I know, but I take my fun where I can get it - LOL). Seriously, we never treat ourselves to anything, and we both wake up with sore necks and backs each day from the mattress we have now which I have had FOREVER! We've been wanting to get a new one for ages, and today I just said lets just do it. All the sides have given way on our one so it's more of a round mattress than a rectangle these days - LMAO! So, as I said we rarely treat ourselves to anything, and generally we would go for the cheapest one we could find. Not this time baby... We got the full top of the range (well, top of the cheapest range anyway - LOL), with a pillow top and O M G!!! I can't wait to get the thing. It's soft and snuggly and you just want to sink into it, but it's still nice and firm. So so sad that I'm actually blogging about my new mattress. But there we are ;)

Also bought some tea towels today. Am also excited about them, but I won't bore you with that ;) (they are very pretty, I won't say any more)

So, that brings me onto BRING ON SUMMER!!!!!!!!! We are in the middle of Winter over here, but in Brisbane that doesn't really mean winter. It's still pretty warm most of the year. Anyways, we've been having some really beautiful days lately, so I'm starting to wish that summer was here. Well, not summer because our summers are EXCRUCIATING, but maybe spring. You know when you get those beautiful days but still the cool nights? Love that time of year. Anyway, so we were at the shops (and of course they are all bringing out their summer ranges) and I spotted this GORGEOUS little singlet in my favourite colour at the moment (that watermelon/coral/orangey pink that almost hurts your eyes to look at it), and also yellow (which I do not wear well but would probably buy anyway) LOL. They had ruffled eyelet trim and were just cute (yeah, I know it sounds gross, but they were totally cute).

I got all excited about THAT too.

And then...

I realised...


Crap. And there goes my summer dream of me wearing a cute watermelon/coral/orangey pink frilly singlet frolicking on the beach (with my imaginary perfect figure and all).

Hence the "Or Not" at the end of this post's title.

Seriously need to do something about this spare tyre I've got going on. And the bingo wings. And the three + chins. Or I could start wearing a cravat for that at least. I just don't DO exercise, never have, never will. The only thing I do now is sit on my ever-expanding arse all day in front of a computer and have no physical activity at all. I used to be able to stay in shape by walking up a few flights of stairs at work each day. And age is not on my side anymore either. Looks like I might have to go and see Amazon woman at the local gym and feign interest in their programs yet again. I hope she doesn't recognise me from this time last year - LMAO!!

So, there we are. Sunday night ramblings done. Time for bed! Stay tuned for more riveting updates next week ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Pages...

I've been meaning to post these for ages, but I've never really thought of myself as a "paper scrapper" so I felt a bit silly - LOL! But here I am bored on a Friday night (again - LOL), so I thought I'd share some of my traditional pages...

Most of you probably know me as a digital scrapper, but leading up to the show I rediscovered my love of paper crafting and went on a scrapping binge (and I have the bank statements to prove it!!) I really love paper scrapping and hope I have some more time to get into it and do some more pages again soon! It's really therapeutic for me, and as much as I love digital scrapping, there's nothing like getting off the computer to do something creative... So here you go - a peek at me from the other side :)

You can click the images to see them bigger if you want... I've tried "stitching" them together the best I can, but some of them are a bit bodgy... You will also see that I have an unhealthy addiction to Basic Grey - LOL!

Papers & Chipboard Stickers: Bittersweet by Basic Grey; Flowers: Prima, Kaisercraft, Green Tara, Sam & Lucy; Gems & Pearls: Kaisercraft; Letter Stickers: American Crafts; Stamps: Making Memories

Papers, Chipboard Stickers & Rub-Ons: Urban Prairie by Basic Grey; Flowers: Green Tara, Petaloo; Buttons: My Mind's Eye; Gems: Kaisercraft; Chipboard Leaf: Maya Road; Letter Stickers: Doodlebug Stamps: Making Memories; Ink: Stuart Superior

Papers, Leaves, Journal Card, Bracket: Bloom & Grow (by yours truly ;) ) by My Mind's Eye; Kraft Paper Flowers: Green Tara; Buttons: My Mind's Eye; Gems & Gem Flourish: Kaisercraft; Lace: Prima; Letter Stickers: American Crafts (blue), Basic Grey (orange), Making Memories (white). Other: Stitched ribbon & white lace - craft supply.

Papers: Bloom & Grow (by yours truly ;) ) by My Mind's Eye; Flowers: Green Tara, Kaisercraft; Buttons: My Mind's Eye; Gems & Pearls: Kaisercraft; RicRac: American Crafts; Chipboard Title: Basic Grey; Other: Lace - craft supply

Papers: Stella Ruby by Basic Grey; Flowers & Brads: Sam & Lucy; Buttons: My Mind's Eye; Letter Stickers: American Crafts (brown), Dymo labeller (white); Chipboard Bracket: Maya Road; Other: Lace - craft supply.

Papers, Chipboard Stickers: Offbeat by Basic Grey; Kraft Paper; Border Stamps: Sassafras; Letter Stickers: American Crafts; Stamps: Making Memories, Hero Arts; Ink: Making Memories; Digital Elements: Sun shape from "Show No Fear" by Zoe Pearn & Eva Kipler - Sweet Shoppe Designs.

And this is one of the ones I did for my classes with my Bloom & Grow line with MME - it's my favourite page EVER! :)

Papers, Paper Flower & Leaf Embellishments: Bloom & Grow (by yours truly ;) ) by My Mind's Eye; Flowers: Prima; Buttons: My Mind's Eye; Crystal Swirls: Prima; Chipboard Flowers & Leaf: Maya Road; Title: My Mind's Eye; Lace: Prima; RicRac: Maya Road; Ribbon: Piggy Tales; Glitter: Stuart Superior

Okay, boredom relieved! That's brought me up to bedtime now... G'night! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

There's Nothing Quite Like...

... THIS to bring back the mojo and remind you that life is good. :)

Also reminds you that you love your job... happy days!