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Friday, June 29, 2007

I suck...

... at blogging! Okay I'll admit it, although anyone who's been reading my blog for a while won't be surprised - LOL! I'm one of those people who likes to save up all my news and have long conversations instead of regular instalments, so maybe I'm the same with my blog...

Well, if I could describe the last six weeks in one word it would be atrocious. If I could add one more, it would be crazy... I feel like there's so much to do in so little time, and it's all just flying by in one big fat blur. Then to top it off, all these lovely little things keep popping up to make it that little bit more annoying, and there you go!

So, I'll start where I left off. The last Friday in May was looking to be a great day. I had the day off, my Mum was coming for dinner, and I was really looking forward to having a nice night with her, catching up, etc. So just after I put the food in the oven, she calls and she can't make it. Fine. Whatever... I'm a bit cranky, but I'll live. Long story short, we have a massive fight, she comes over, we make up, all is good and dandy! So, she's just about to leave at around 11:00 that night, and we get a phone call from the hospital where my Nana was admitted earlier in the week. They say Mum needs to go to the hospital now - Nana's having trouble breathing, and they don't think she'll make the night...

Mum takes off. I'm in shock. So, the decision - do I go to the hospital and possibly face seeing my Nana, who I am terrified of losing, die? I swore to myself years ago after my brother died, that I would never ever see another dead body in all my life, no matter who they were. But then, would it give Nana comfort to see the people she loved in her last moments? Then I have to ring my sister to share the great news with her - fair enough if I don't want to go, but it's not fair for me to make that choice for her. So, we end up deciding to go to the hospital and I pick her up and we prepare ourselves for the worst...

Nana was in a bad way when we got there, but thankfully she was stabilised at that point, on a breathing machine, really tired, but doing okay. It was such a relief, but at the same time I was pissed off at myself because I see people in that condition every day as part of my job, and it doesn't phase me... maybe I'm just a heartless bitch. I think I have a switch on my emotions that I flick most of the time... I don't know.

So it turned out that Nana had had a heart attack, and she was doing great again the next day, so all is good there. She's now out of hospital and back to her old self, so that's all good news!

So on the Sunday of the same weekend, I wake up feeling like absolute crap. And it doesn't get any better either as the day goes on. Turns out I had a chest infection - great!! So, I have to miss work for a couple of days, and my popularity at work drops a few more notches (as if that was possible). I worked from home for the rest of the week while I got better, so that was good, but I was going out of my brain with boredom by the end of it!

Then, the following weekend, it's a long weekend, so I was really looking forward to spending a nice, relaxing weekend with Marty, just hanging out, maybe see a movie or something... Nope! Not to be - LOL! On the Saturday, Marty was stomping around the house, goofing around (he was paying out on me, so what happens next is a bit of karma coming back to bite him in the arse - LOL). Marty has a bad knee. Goofing around and a bad knee that are well overdue for a reconstruction do not make a good combination. Next thing I know, his knee has dislocated while he's stomping past me in the kitchen... And I copped 80kg at full force straight to the baby belly. At this point I don't have much sympathy for Marty - kind of reminds me of when I first started posting in forums and I thought that DH stood for "Dick Head".

So, we got to spend all day Saturday at the hospital. I dropped him off at the Emergency Department so he could get something done to his knee, while I sat in the Maternity Department being monitored to make sure the baby was okay! And the best thing about the whole situation was that the nurses all thought I was a domestic violence victim or something!! I may as well have told them I fell down the stairs... gees!!

Everything was good with bub, but Marty's knee was still jiggered, so on the Sunday we spent most of the day trying to find a physiotherapist that was open who'd pop it back in for him. And paid $150 for the pleasure - yay! :)

The next couple of weeks went by nice and smoothly - had a couple of baby showers - one of them the girls at work threw for Emma & I, which was so lovely of them! It was really nice to have that in the midst of all this other crap going on... They put on a lovely day for us, beautiful food, and we both got a hamper with heaps of baby stuff in it - yay!! We were spoilt!

Nothing too eventful the following week, apart from another couple of run ins with the boss at work. Nothing unusual there! Thank goodness there's only a couple of weeks to go there - not that I'm counting of course!

So this pretty much brings us up to the beginning of last week, which turned out to be flipping fantastic as well - yeah right! On Wednesday, we had accreditation (where they licence your medical facility), so it was all pretty hectic and stressful. So I choose that day to spill not one, but TWO boiling cups of coffee all over my chest and tummy. Ouch! Luckily I work with good nurses, so they all got me under control with cold compresses and stuff, but it hurt like hell! So I had to leave early again... down a few more notches in the popularity stakes - yay!!

So, then last night to top it all off (you thought that'd be it, didn't you), I slipped while I was getting out of the shower, and did the splits to stop myself from falling. Not a good move when you're 34 weeks pregnant. It feels like I've broken my pubic bone - I swear! And the fact that bub's dropped and is sitting right there makes for a really nice feeling! So, now I can barely walk, I'm tired, I'm cranky (if you can't tell from my tone - LOL), and I JUST WANT TO STOP HURTING MYSELF!!!!! Do you think I should maybe wrap myself up in cotton wool for the next six weeks to make sure I don't fall off a cliff or something?

I swear, if I didn't laugh about it all, I'd cry! Well, I've been doing a bit of that too, but hey, I can blame it all on hormones - heehee!! So that brings you up to date on my very messy and frustrating life... If I don't write again in the next few weeks, be concerned - I might have chopped my arms off or something, you never know! :D

Whoa! How long was that?!? Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but I feel pretty pessimistic at the moment, so I can't help it... All of this, on top of the usual terrified feelings I'm sure all new Mums get at this late stage of pregnancy, just gets a little bit overwhelming so... I'll try and be a bit more upbeat next time - LOL! I'd delete the post, but it's taken me half an hour, and I can't bring myself to waste it!

Anyways, I'm gonna leave it at that for now... I hope you are all having a great day, not injuring yourself constantly, and are not as hormonal as yours truly :D