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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Problem Is...

... I spend way too much time reading other people's blogs to update my own - LOL! I mean to almost every day, I swear, but then I get sidetracked, and well... Then I have just way too much to say so I don't bother. I will get better at it one of these days!! Although, I've been saying that for four years now, so don't hold your breath - LOL!

I think I need a blog makeover - what do you think? I just want something WHITE and simple and fresh... I feel like this one is too cluttered. Like my house. I like to have a lot of pretty things, but I have too many pretty things and then it annoys me. Like this blog - LOL!

So, what's been happening... Not too much really! I FINALLY got my fabric samples from My Mind's Eye the other day, and I was so excited!! It's so different to see my stuff as fabric!! Although I have NO idea what to do with it all, and seriously there are like 100 fat quarters... Hmmm... I might have to make the world's biggest patchwork quilt. (I think not!) :P

AND, I got a couple more copies of Ooh La La sent my way too, so that brings me up to like 5 spare sets of each now! So, I will be cleaning out my stash (new and old... I mean old - LOL) and will be doing some giveaways soon to make more room in my studio :)

My poor sweet little guy has been sick today :( I woke up this morning to him crying and his side of the bed was covered in vomit, and so was I - YUK!! (he's been coming into our bed LOTS lately, which secretly I love - LOL - but not this morning). He's been such a sweetie lately though... Lots of talking, like a parrot! He spits out everything I say at him verbatim, but the one thing he will NEVER say is "I Love You". And it is probably the thing I say MOST to him! He even says "come on ya turkey!" when we are in the car (that's my toned down road rage - LOL). Anyway, so today he's been so sweet and cuddly... and he FINALLY said it tonight!! I even got a kiss and a hug which are as rare as hen's teeth. I was so excited... I love it when he does something that completely surprises me :)

He discovered the hose last week, and here are some pics. So funny :) He gets more and more handsome every day, my boy...

In other earth-shattering news, LOL, Joshy will be moving to a big boy bed this weekend :( We think his cot is the reason he keeps waking up and coming into our bed because he's getting a bit big for it and knocks himself around a bit during the night. But, I'm going to be so sad, even if it does mean more sleep for me! It just seems that all the "baby" things are becoming few and far between, every milestone that happens is one step closer to him being all grown up, and truth is I miss him being my baby... *sigh*

Well, that's all I can think of to procrastinate with tonight, so I'll love you and leave you :) Goodnight and have a great weekend! :)