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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When I Grow Up...

... I want to be Helen Dardik!! LOL! I'm sitting here with the most massive headache, feeling like crap, but one trip to her blog always makes me happy... I think she's a total creative genius! Her artwork is amazing, and so free and innocent... just pure creativity. It always makes me happy on the inside.

Ahhhhhh. I hope to be like that one day!! And I love how she draws little things on her photos to bring them to life - so cute!! If you haven't seen her work before, you should really check it out - it will brighten your day :)

And, did I mention we are having a heatwave at the moment?? It's crazy hot. And it's meant to be WINTER!! Whoever is out there controlling the weather - Summer's not meant to be here for another 3 months - duh!! THIS is how hot it was today:

Yes, it's WINTER!! And I have my son out in the yard in nothing but a singlet and a nappy for modesty - LOL! And, if it weren't for the risk of sending my neighbours blind, I might just have gone out there and joined him in my knickers - LMAO! Luckily for the neighbours, I decided against it. There could have been some serious money made by psychiatrists in the greater Brisbane area :P

We got up to 33 degrees today and it is SO humid, it's disgusting... I'm not looking forward to summer at all now - LOL! Well, I am, but just not a stinking hot one.

Ooh, and speaking of fun things... I'm looking forward to finally getting my hands on my new line with My Mind's Eye, Ooh La La (for my digi peeps, that's "Some Like It Hot" and "C'est La Vie") I've been waiting for what seems like FOREVER and I've been told I have a parcel on it's way to me (including my FABRIC - so excited about that!!)... So I saw the TNT van pull up outside my house today, I got all excited and ran outside... just as he pulled away :( Why choose MY house to make a stop outside of - don't you know I'm waiting on important things like my scrapbooking goodies?? LOL!

Okay, my headache is not getting any better with sitting here procrastinating, so I'm going to bed like I was meant to over two hours ago.

Night night! :)


Alicia said...

Wow! I followed the link to Helen's blog and all I can say is.....WOW!

She is amazing, isn't she?!

Love your Ooh La La range too, where will it be selling?

Your news on Brisbane being so hot is not great to hear. I'm moving back to Brissy from NQld in three weeks' time and was hoping to escape the heat! Oh well :(

Lita said...

Can not wait to get me some Ooh La La!! And thanks for the link To Helen's blog - wow!

Bev said...

So hello! I'm a fabric shop owner (it's a new, small on-line only shop) and I just bought some of your Be Merry fabric. I just found this fabric and I absolutely love it and am a big fan of yours now! So what will your new fabric line be? Will Ooh La La, Some Like it Hot and C'est La Vie all be fabric? I was looking at your paper and hoping you would do them all in fabric! We've committed our tiny (sadly) budget until December but then I will order all your fabric! And, BTW, Utah isn't all that pretty-lol! There may be merry Mormons there but other than the mountains, there isn't much there-lol. I hope you will be doing a lot more fabric! From Bev (a big fan)! http://44thstreetfabric.blogspot.com