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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, I've been subscribing to Creating Keepsakes for many years... Each issue I manically flip through the pages trying to find layouts using my stuff. And I never do :( So, I basically gave up on the flicking through thing, cos I figured it was never going to happen anyway. Anyway, so I got my August issue on Friday (we get them way after everyone else over here in the land of Oz) and was reading through...

And finally it happened:

Woohoo!! Thanks Sheri!! What an awesome page, and I'm so excited!! I think this is the first page I've seen that has actually featured heaps of stuff from a kit and I could recognise it as mine! Well, truth be told, I didn't at first. I was staring at it for ages confused because at first I thought it was my Bloom & Grow set with My Mind's Eye, but I was like... it's the wrong colours?? And then it struck!! So that's how good this layout is peoples, I didn't even know it was digi ;)

Onto other news... There is none - LOL! We celebrated Joshy's second birthday a couple of weeks ago and that was fun (and a little scary - LOL!) I've been sick with the flu (for you Americans that is what us Australians call a cold-flu, not a stomach flu in case you are thinking I'm pregnant) for what seems like FOREVER! I finally got over it last week, and then it came back to me on Saturday and I am SO OVER BEING SICK!!!!! We've all got it, so I dragged the whole family up to the Doctor's office yesterday afternoon, and we are all on the same anti-biotics, except Joshy's is liquified of course - yum!! Poor Marty has been so sick that he's lost 5kg in just under a week. I wish I had the exact strain that he has cos I ain't lost a thing - LOL! So, yeah I've just been taking it easy for a little while trying to shake it...

And now I'm going to overload you with photos - yay!! It all started last Thursday. We've been having the most beautiful, sunny, HOT days over here even though it's supposedly "winter". Winter is a very loose term over here in Queensland, believe me - LOL! We've been getting up to 31 degrees (celcius) this last week, and it's been great! Though, I don't want summer if this is a taste of it... 50 degrees, here we come!!

Anyway, sorry got sidetracked by the weather. So, as I was saying it all started last Thursday when I decided that I wanted some photos of me and Josh in the green grass, and my new favourite photo spot in our yard is by our timber fence. I didn't get any ones of Josh on Thursday... He did come and press the button on the remote for a couple of these, and they actually turned out some of my favourites!

And then on Saturday, we had another glorious day, so Marty and I had a fun time with the camera, Josh and the tripod... These are seriously my favourite photos ever, I love all the green grass - LOL! I've tried to just pick a few and it was hard. Sorry there are so many!!

Oh yes, and Prima flowers also make for lovely hair-pins - LOL!! I just stuck a bobby pin through the back of one. Did I mention that I really love that watermelon, hurt-your-eyes-to-look-at pink/orange in my last post? The colour of that flower is what I'm talkin about.

You can tell Marty's right into this can't you??

And I have decided that 3/4 leggings under a denim skirt are not a good look for a short-arse like myself - LOL! Apparently I thought I looked alright when I got dressed, but the camera doesn't lie - unfortunately!! I am joining the gym this week.

My little two year old dude... How much has he grown?!? He's such a big boy now, it breaks my heart to look at these photos :(

Now for a quick costume change... No, I'm not that vain - LOL! I just had a heap of itchy grass stuck in my shirt from cavorting in the grass...

Josh hates having his photo taken at the moment and makes a bee-line for the door as soon as he sees the camera - LOL! So I have to resort to holding him down and tickling him to get a photo with him (probably to the point where he pees his pants - oh wait, he's still in nappies thank goodness) . Well worth it, even if his little face is a little smooshed!!

What a fun day (and lots of new pics to scrap!!) I've already made an album of these photos - I couldn't wait... I will show you when I have time to take photos, etc. Also have a stack of pages to share, but again just depends on when I get time to scan them in!

Thanks for reading if you made it this far... I hope you are all having a great week :)


Sheri said...

I should be thanking you for creating such AWESOME kits to work with!!! I LOVE all of it :) I got your Bloom & Grow digi kit at the end of last year (I think) and I went on a bit of a rampage creating tons of layouts with it because I LOVE the colour combos so much! Also it helps that I have two girls :)

I never know if I should email the designer to let them know I used their designs on a layout being published. But now I know that just like me, the designers are just as excited to see their work published :)

Love all the pictures too :) You have a beautiful family :)

Thanks for making my day by posting my layout on your blog...you have no idea how much it means to me :)


Jenn said...

Congrats on seeing your stuff in print! It amazes me that there hasn't been more - you are a fabulous designer! Love all the photos too. :)

Lindy said...

Congrats Zoe (and Sheri too!!) being published in CK!!! That's so awesome. :) And fabulous pictures of your beautiful family too Zoe. Thanks for sharing them. :) My little man turns 2 in November. I can't believe how quickly the time flies!

margie said...

How fun for you to see your products in publications. Sheri's page is darling!

Your Bloom and Grow line is absolutely one of my very favorites.
LOVE it.


Margie Scherschligt

joelsgirl said...

Very cool to have your stuff in use in print! I saw your paper products highlighted in print recently, but I forget where. It's so beacuase you rock! Great pics, too! Your little man is a doll.